EQT Exeter’s approach to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues in real estate investment is informed by and aligned with EQT’s purpose-driven mission to make a positive impact – as translated to the needs and opportunities specific to our respective industry, geographies, and funds. Applying an ESG lens to the management of our investments is an important part of our value creation thesis. This means asset-level environmentally and socially beneficial activities implemented during the investment lifecycle in partnership with our tenants and residents and supported by robust governance procedures.

We undertake these activities to deliver against our sustainability priorities which include carbon emissions reduction, energy and resource efficiency, climate resilience, health and wellbeing, protecting nature and human rights, supporting local communities, and business ethics. We implement sustainable building design and performance enhancements to reduce the risk of functional obsolescence. We incorporate efficiency measures to reduce energy and material use and by extension operating expenses. And we pursue sustainability certifications to drive and document superior performance and distinguish assets within their respective markets. In all of these activities, we follow an iterative model to define material ESG topics, set goals and implement action plans, track KPIs and assess performance, and refine our goals as necessary.

By delivering on these efforts, EQT Exeter both protects and enhances the value of our real estate assets and portfolios.

Please find the EQT Exeter ESG Investment Policy here.