Core-Plus Funds

EQT Exeter assembles Class A, income-oriented property portfolios for large-scale institutional investors.

Our core-plus funds are designed to provide investors with stable cash flow. Distinguished as operators in the core space, we leverage our local sourcing and leasing professionals to select the highest quality assets one at a time and sustain high occupancy. The funds are structured as closed end, commingled funds with long term horizons.

U.S. Industrial Core-Plus Funds:

The Exeter Industrial Core Fund I-III series has totaled $2.3 billion in equity commitments since 2012. The series targets modern, long-term leased big box and last mile warehouses across the country’s top 30 distribution markets. Core Fund III commenced its 3-year investment period in 2019, Core II is fully invested and operating, and Core I is realized.

Europe Logistics Core-Plus Funds:

The Exeter Europe Logistics Core Fund series commenced in 2019 to acquire modern, long-term leased big box and last mile assets across the major distribution markets of the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Poland, and Czech Republic.